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How can I pay for DST tokens? How long does it take for the payment to arrive? What are the fees?

You can make a payment by transferring funds from Stratis Electrum wallet.

We do not charge any fees on payments. However, third party payment processors may charge fees.

When paying in STRAT, transaction fee is charged by the relevant blockchain infrastructure. You set the transaction fee amount, and the transaction speed is determined by the network availability and the fee amount you set. Please read more about the transactions in STRAT to avoid confusion and complications, before participating in the ICO.

Where to buy cryptocurrency (STRAT)?

You can also buy STRAT as follows:

Card payments 
You can purchase the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum by credit card, so that you can exchange it for Stratis:

How to create an Stratis Electrum wallet?

If you are not familiar with STRAT, these official link are the basic instructions on how to set up a working Stratis Electrum wallet:

When purchasing DST tokens for STRAT, I need to specify "Sender Wallet Address". Where can I find it?

1. Launch your Stratis Electrum wallet, go to "Send" tab.

In field "Pay to" instert copied DeStream Stratis wallet address.
Enter amount of STRAT in the field "Amount".

2. Press "Preview" button to get your Sender Wallet Address.

Green highlight number is an example of your unique Sender Wallet Address, which you need to copy and paste into the field on the DeStream website.

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