There are many payment gateways that streamers currently use, why people have to choose DeStream?

We are developing a unique financial platform which is going to resolve complex business problems on the streaming market. The most significant issue that we aim to fix is high transaction fees, that very often reach 20-30%. And almost all streamers are forced to overpay, but the act of donation is based on the good will, and no one can greedily abuse it.

Moreover, it’s very hard to donate to from one country to another, and the only one possibility that allows sending money abroad are services like Paypal, which often charge high fees as well, reaching 5-15% per transaction. We strive to create a financial ecosystem based on the Blockchain technology which will eliminate costly transactions, reducing their cost to 0,77% per one. Technology itself will help to develop new interaction mechanisms with viewers, increasing streamer’s revenues.

How exactly are you planning to deliver products in different countries from your marketplace?

We don’t pursue commerce and logistics building; instead we strive to create a cross-platform marketplace which allows donating available products. Every order that is placed on the marketplace is processed by our partners, and wholesale or logistics operations are conducted solely by them. One of the good examples that we can take is eBay, which offers a marketplace where people can sell their products.

Will all stores be accepting payments in DeStream cryptocurrency?

Practically yes, if a specific store establishes a partnership with us and their jurisdiction allows to sell products for the cryptocurrency, then there shouldn’t be a problem. In the case when a store can’t accept cryptocurrency as the payment method, we can arrange an exchange and a bank transfer so it can receive fiat money. Cashback and bonus programs work the same way, so people could pay with those bonuses or virtual money for products they want.

Why people have to start using your streaming platform instead of the Twitch?

We ARE NOT creating another streaming platform, we are developing the financial ecosystem which is already integrated and operates with various streaming services. The primary goal of the financial ecosystem is to decrease high transaction fees, that streamers are forced to pay when they get donated. We can consider our ecosystem as an addition to existing streaming services which works through an API

Have you entered already into any partnerships with the other streaming services?

There’s no need to have an agreement with streaming services to use their API because it is in the public domain and everyone has the right to use it. Moreover, many services already work with fiat money.

Why existing streaming services can’t implement similar Blockchain technology into their products, so they could provide lower fees on the market?

That’s an intricate question, because it may seem that powerful corporations who have money can easily establish new and profitable departments which will be working on a new technology. In fact, corporations prefer to buy other small companies who have everything set up and working, otherwise it will take considerable amount of time to build a similar strong department. We can take for example Facebook, which has acquired WhatsApp with an existing team and a lined up chain of software production.

Why people have to choose your financial ecosystem?

If we take into consideration our competitors, who offer costly services where you must pay 20-35 times more for fees, comparing to DeStream financial ecosystem, then it’s clear that people will choose our platform because it allows them to save a considerable amount of money. Moreover, we have redesigned streaming process, and it’s embedded with the unique interactive techniques. Now it’s a whole new level of experience - vivid and enthralling.

Currently we are working closely with many streamers all across the world, and our professionals that build the project worked previously for Twitch. Holding top positions, they have acquired an extensive experience which is actively used now to understand better our audience and create the most effective market approach

You have allocated insufficient amount of funds received during the ICO for product development. Will it have a negative impact on the future of the project?

Our team has extensive experience in software development, and each of the founders has more than 5 years of experience in this field, all of them are well-known professionals in the CIS. We are convinced that the amount of money that we have allocated for product development is sufficient because we want to avoid premature scaling that most of the time kills projects even if they have a great and profitable idea. Thereby, we strive to use investors’ money effectively, so we could release our financial ecosystem soon.

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