DeStream and Elements Pro Gaming Announce Partnership

26.07.2018 News

Elements Pro Gaming is a multi-league organization, which includes professional teams on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA2 and League of Legends. Since 2015, many well-known players have performed under the EPG banners, for many of which the organization became the first professional team in their lives. For example, for the current captain of the Dota2-team Nikolay “LeBronDota” Popovich, who recently returned to the EPG after completing cooperation with Natus Vincere.

DeStream is the first decentralized global ecosystem for streamers, which seeks to build a multi-functional financial platform using decentralization and blockchain technologies. As its basis, the project has selected the fork of the Stratis blockchain platform, modified specifically for DeStream’s purposes. One of the goals of the project is to significantly reduce commissions on transactions in the field of streaming (up to 0.77% per transaction). An important bonus of the platform is the integration into its functionality of a trading platform equipped with devices for gamers, as well as digital and non-digital goods that can be purchased without removing tokens from the system.

“We are pleased to find Elements Pro Gaming as a promising and reliable partner. DeStream is ready to support EPG in each of their disciplines. We will be happy to involve EPG team players to participate in joint events (now we are considering a trip to Korea, the motherland of e-sports), as well as show-matches and other joint media activities. This cooperation will help the development of both projects” says Anar Mekhtiev, co-founder and CEO of the DeStream project.

“I am sure that our cooperation has great potential, because our projects are similar in their dynamics, aspiration to new technologies and, of course, a common passion for e-sports! We are especially glad to have partners who understand our market well and create new tools for its development,” said Dmitry Belyaev, CEO of Elements Pro Gaming.

The DeStream project, whose mission is to improve financial relationships in the online content streaming industry, is launching its ICO to attract funding for the creation of its own multifunctional platform. With the help of smart contracts and Big Data analysis, the DeStream platform will allow advertisers to gain convenient access to streamer services, provide viewers with the opportunity to request more varied entertainment options, and streamers to receive revenue with minimal commissions for transactions.

Other news

DeStream team forks the Stratis blockchain and releases a Breeze based wallet.

Our team is happy to announce that we have reached another two significant milestones, successfully following our roadmap.

14.11.2018 News
Axeso5 and DeStream enter into a partnership which should change the streaming industry forever.

See how the revolutionary financial platform DeStream and largest Latin American game publisher Axeso5 bring together a new cost-effective and decentralized financial ecosystem for streamers into the gaming industry using Blockchain technology.

01.11.2018 News
Jon Carnage Joins DeStream as Advisor

The DeStream project  is delighted to announce that Jon Carnage has joined the project as an Advisor and will be granting his extensive experience to the development of the platform.

03.10.2018 News Adopts PumaPay Cryptocurrency Billing Protocol

Limassol, Cyprus, October 3: Crypto project adopts PumaPay cryptocurrency billing protocol and the PMA token as one of means of payment for its services.

03.10.2018 News
Andrew Davis Joins DeStream as Advisor

The DeStream project  is delighted to announce that Andrew Davis has joined the project as an Advisor and will be granting his extensive experience to the development of the platform.

01.10.2018 News
DeStream partners with venture capital to speed up the project’s development

We are happy to announce that DeStream has successfully reached its soft cap of $5.500.000.

27.09.2018 News

On 20th September 2018, DeStream establishes a partnership with KYCBench in order to stay compliant with GDPR and ISO27001.

21.09.2018 News
We have launched @RocketBountyPoolBot

We have launched @RocketBountyPoolBot.

21.09.2018 News
DeStream Announces Major Partnership with Bitfury

DeStream Announces Major Partnership with Bitfury. The DeStream's partnership with Bitfury is an important milestone in promoting the project platform and will ensure the creation of high quality content.

11.09.2018 News
We started accepting Bank Cards!

Now we are accepting  Bank Cards as an additional payment method!

11.09.2018 News
DeStream announced a new investment partner Fanaura Ventures

DeStream announced a new investment partner Fanaura Ventures.

28.08.2018 News
CHECKU smart system will verify DeStream users

CHECKU and DeStream have concluded an agreement on the integration of CHECKU identity verification to streamers’ ecosystem infrastructure.

23.08.2018 News
Salina Bo Joins DeStream as Advisor

The DeStream project is delighted to announce that Salina Bo has joined the project as an Advisor and will be granting her extensive experience to the development of the platform.

23.08.2018 News
Reinout te Brake Joins DeStream as Advisor

The DeStream project is delighted to announce that Reinout te Brake has joined the project as an Advisor and will be granting his extensive experience to the development of the platform.

21.08.2018 News
Anselm Schmucki Joins DeStream as Advisor

The DeStream project is delighted to announce that Anselm Schmucki has joined the project as an Advisor and will be granting his extensive experience to the development of the platform.

21.08.2018 News
DeHedge Protects from Risks* of $1 Million Worth of DeStream Tokens

DeStream and DeHedge, the global blockchain hedging platform providing protection services for cryptocurrency projects, announce the signing of a $1 million token allocation contract. DeHedge fund will hedge risks for its customers towards DST tokens.

08.08.2018 News
Jason Fletcher Joins DeStream as Advisor

The DeStream project is delighted to announce that Jason Fletcher has joined the project as an Advisor and will be granting his extensive experience to the development of the platform.

06.08.2018 News
DeStream Launches Public Token Sale

DeStream is thrilled to announce that the time has come for the start of the Public Token Sale! The project is delighted to welcome all participants to contribute to the development of the platform and the ushering of a new era in the creation of quality content by millions of streamers from around the world for the enjoyment of their fans.

01.08.2018 News
Matthias Meti Beyer Joins DeStream as Advisor

The DeStream project is delighted to announce that the eminent gaming industry specialist Matthias Beyer has joined the Advisory Board and will be lending his experience to the development of the platform.

01.08.2018 News
How we are developing MVP

We are actively developing not only the ICO, but also the product part. Intense work is taking place with streamer communities and viewers, who will later become users of our product. Now you can see what we have done so far.

31.07.2018 News
Guit88man Joins DeStream Project

DeStream is delighted to announce that Igor Frolov, better name by his streaming name guit88man, has joined the project and will be lending his amazing skills to both improve the functionality of the revolutionary platform and popularize its services among streamers and their millions of fans.

29.07.2018 News
DeStream and Elements Pro Gaming Announce Partnership

DeStream, the first blockchain ecosystem for streamers, and Elements Pro Gaming, one of the largest Russian cybersports organizations have announced a partnership agreement.

26.07.2018 News
To hodl or not to hodl: that is a question

DeStream strives to save you from the injustice of fluctuating exchange rates!

21.07.2018 News

DeStream founder Tachat Igityan gave an exclusive interview to BIG Crypto at the Korea Blockchain Week in Seoul on July 16.

16.07.2018 News
Our Business Development Director Marc Bell on E3 in Los Angeles

Los Angeles was recently rocked by the eminent Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 (E3), which was visited by our business development director Marc Bell.

05.07.2018 News
Our Co-Founder Tachat Igityan's Exclusive Interview to DeCentro Media

Our Co-Founder Tachat Igityan gave an exclusive interview to the prominent DeCentro Media resource at TokenSky, Tokyo, on the 4th and 5th of July.

04.07.2018 News
DeStream in Amsterdam. Blockchain Expo Europe 2018 and After Party.

Besides the main program (there was our stand exposition and pitch our CFO Tachat Igityan on the main stage) we are organized an After-Party for Stratis holders, our partners and other our dear guests.

29.06.2018 Event
New opportunities for DeStream in Korea.

A meeting was held yesterday between founder of Destream Tachat Igityan and CEO of Korean marketing agency theBlock Kimberly Lin.

21.06.2018 News
DeStream will visit BlockShow Europe 2018

BlockShow, the blockchain technology conference, will take place in Berlin, Germany, on May 28-29.

28.05.2018 Event
Meeting with DeStream at Crypto Forum for Hotcoins

DeStream took part in Crypto Forum for Hotcoin which was held on May 24th in Seoul, Korea. 

24.05.2018 Event
TOKENOMICS - the unique conference about the token economics in Estonia

This time, let’s meet in Tallinn, at a unique conference devoted entirely to such an important topic as the economy of the token. DeStream will be one of the four main partners of the summit and will present its project.

23.05.2018 Event
Gravitonus and DeStream become partners

Gravitonus, the manufacturer of WARP gaming chairs, and DeStream, the first decentralized financial ecosystem for streamers, announced their partnership.

21.05.2018 News
DeStream visited the d10e conference in Malta

From 20 to 22 May, the Radisson Blu Resort hosted a crypto conference d10e, which brought together the main players of the blockchain industry. Anar Mekhtiev, a co-founder of the DeStream project, also visited sunny Malta to present our ecosystem for streamers.

20.05.2018 Event
Meet our new team member!

DeStream is proud to introduce our new team player - Marc Bell, Business Development Director.

19.05.2018 News
DeStream enchants Manhattan together with Consensus 2018 conference participants

On May 14-16, the Hilton Midtown hotel in Manhattan welcomed the fourth annual technological blockchain summit and we couldn’t miss this event.

14.05.2018 Event
ICoinSummit in Limassol: sunny Cyprus is waiting for us!

Cyprus will have a unique event on May 9-10 - ICoinSummit, where you can immerse yourself in the future of the blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry.

09.05.2018 Event
Hong Kong again: DeStream visits Block O2O Summit

You might think - they were in Hong Kong this spring already! We are here again to take part in Block O2O Blockchain Summit 2018.

08.05.2018 Event
Next destination: Amsterdam

The city of tulips and other weeds is waiting for the Chainges - the first world-class quality blockchain & cryptocurrency conference shaped by the community.

04.05.2018 Event
DeStream is in Tokyo!

The team of DeStream is in Japan - one of the largest global markets for both crypto, gaming, and streaming industries.

30.04.2018 Event
Crypto Capital World Summit: DeStream in the heart of Lithuania

The DeStream team presented its project at one of the largest international conferences on crypto investments.

25.04.2018 Event
DeStream is in Armenia!

This April, the DeStream team visited the native land of the company founders - Armenia.

22.04.2018 Event
StreamFest Festival, Moscow, April 24th

We are happy to announce DeStream the general partner of StreamBreakfast, one of the most important events of the Streamfest festival, the only international festival of streamers and their fans in the CIS.

21.04.2018 Event
Blockchain Expo Global 2018, London, 18-19 April

London, April 18-19. The DeStream team is waiting for you at #57 booth at the exhibition to answer all your questions and even to raffle off some prizes.

18.04.2018 Event
Click-Storm and DeStream platforms for gamers became partners

The online eSports tournament platform Click-Storm and the first decentralized financial ecosystem for streamers DeStream have entered into a partnership. In the nearest future, both projects plan their services integration, a number of joint projects and even...

09.04.2018 News
Invest Weekend meetup, Hong Kong, 7-8 April

On 7th-8th of April DeStream will pitch the Hong Kong investors during the Invest Weekend meetup.

07.04.2018 Event
Meet our new team member - Dmitry Zorkin

We are happy to announce that a new skilled specialist has just joined the DeStream team. Please meet Dmitry Zorkin, our Head of community, who will be responsible for all relations with e-sport and gaming community – the target audience for our project.

06.04.2018 News
Crypto-Conference.Com, Berlin, 5-6 April

We would like to invite you to the international crypto community conference in the heart of Europe – in Berlin – Crypto-Conference.Com, 5-6 April. 

05.04.2018 Event
Meet our advisor

Today we are proud to introduce him as one of DeStream’s most experienced business advisors, Rick K. Dong. Rick brings with him a wealth of expertise in the gaming industry and strategies development, having been a Director of Strategic Planning in YJM Games – a top VR and mobile game developer in Korea.

03.04.2018 News
DeStream presented the project to the Korean blockchain community

At the end of March, we visited the Global ICO@Seoul meetup, where our team introduced the DeStream project to the Korean audience and even found an experienced advisor.

02.04.2018 News
Global ICO@Seoul, March 23rd

Recently we presented our project to Korean blockchain community during Global ICO@Seoul meetup, raffled off great prizes and found an experienced advisor there.

23.03.2018 Event
Welcome To the
Brave New World of