Gravitonus and DeStream become partners

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Gravitonus, the manufacturer of WARP gaming chairs, and DeStream, the first decentralized financial ecosystem for streamers, announced their partnership.

In the nearest future, both projects are planning to create a joint line of the branded gaming chairs to encourage the active members of DeStream ecosystem community - streamers and their viewers. In addition, at a later stage, the projects aims to start co-branding promotion campaigns, to support gaming tournament as sponsors and to raffle prizes together.

WARP gaming chairs are the unique Russian products that are being successfully sold not only in Russia and the CIS countries but all over the world. The key feature of the chairs is that they were designed with the help of ergonomics and medical professionals, involving gamers for testing. At the moment, Gravitonus allows to choose any WARP chair design with a gamer’s nickname on it, and with the ventilation and acoustic systems installed. All of this emphasizes how the company desire to create the product suitable for everyone.

DeStream is the first decentralized global financial ecosystem for streamers. Today streamer is a full-fledged profession, where top bloggers’ earnings are comparable to stars and professional athletes income. However, the financial processes in this area are still not running smoothly. For example, the commissions of streaming platforms can reach 10%, the processes of getting money from paying players are complicated, and the withdrawal processes are even more complex. The purpose of the DeStream project is to make the financial processes for streamers, viewers and advertisers easier, and to help the streaming rising stars to enter a new stage of evolution. This is possible, for example, by reducing the fees up to 0.77%.

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Gravitonus and DeStream become partners

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